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Aug 9, 2010 at 8:16 AM


I noticed that you started a project that correlates to my one - XsltDb.

What is the goal/future of your project? Are you focusing on pure ASP.NET?

XsltDb is a DotNetNuke module and it can't work in without DNN infrastructure. If it doesn't conflict with your goals I would like you to join XsltDb and continue working on the module together. Probably it will save your time (tonns of code are written already) and if you plan to use AspXslt in a new application you can start developing it using DNN and XsltDb and save time again.

Closest XsltDb tasks are

  • Creating explorer-like manager for XsltDb modules inside DNN
  • Creating automatic Form<->XML and XML<->Database mapper to simplify forms persistance
  • Creating redistributable module packager that will zip XSL and SQL scripts and wil capabe to install / upgrade it on anothe DNN.
  • Suggest any one!

I'd appreciate if you can run one of them.